Queens of the Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu

Just so you guys know, this is basically the most sensual song on the planet and if you don’t listen to QotSA, you really need to start, okay…

Regarding Adoptables, Again

Hello! After I finish up this last batch of commissions, I might do some small adoptables like I mentioned before. I was thinking some sort of monstery, fantasy humanoids. Or maybe you guys like actual monstery things, not even necessarily humanoid? Leave a comment or answer of what sorts of things are interesting to you, I’m hoping it’ll be a good exercise for me to practice designing things… THANKS U….?????? QUESTION MARK 4 ANSWERING THE THINGS???


Killing two asks with one (out of the billions i still need to get to lies down) I HAVE AMAZINGLY SWEET FOLLOWERS I FEEL SO FULFILLED RIGHT NOW

Sano, you’re lucky his neck is too thick to break! I’m laughing, I love it…

I got to do some really neat characters in a few commissions for ShoutsofLions!! I loved these guys, arrrrrhhghghh… Thanks again for commissioning me, I had a lot of fun working on them! Here are Sampson, Cressel, and Cream and Fangs.


Babies for ziggyzagz ;u;

omg……………. Zig did you commission a PICTURE I love this so much, vice your lips look so nice nice and sano’s so “<BD” and his shirt looks so good I LIKE THAT SHIRT OKAY adoishh
WERGHHHHHH I love it I just kind of keep going back and looking at it……………… THANK U WERRHHH
OHHHH my goodness this was just a GIFT it’s such a nice GIFT GHOI thank you for drawing my big lug and his tiny boyfrando…omg…

Current commission queue

Hey, guys! Just a head’s up of the current commissions I’ve been e-mailed about, and their place in lines. This doesn’t account for people requesting multiple commissions, simply the order that they are in line-up for! If I don’t hear back from anyone by the time I’m about to start, but another person in the line-up after them is ready, I’ll take the person who’s ready! The other person will be given first-priority once they reply. Thanks again so much to everyone who’s shown interest!

  1. Beth (username??)
  2. Kite
  3. ShoutsofLions
  4. Read
  5. Jak!
  6. Milo

norwickthenarrator: Hey, hi. I just wanted to say that I really like your art, and I think your style is fantastic.

Thank you so much!! WERGHRH That’s going to carry me through my work day, THANK YOU ; A;

Here’s a commission for WithThingsUnreal!! They wanted Newt and Hermann from Pacific Rim. This was a pretty interesting one to do, using IRL faces to simplify? Interesting meaning “my god do I need practice”, so I hope it turned out to your liking! Thank you again!!

Man, what an exciting past couple days… I’m going to try to get the hang on commissions more— I already have a queue built up of people to work through over the week! I’m starting my commission prices pretty low, and over time I do plan on bringing up the prices, but not by much! My idea is that, additionally, on days where I end up off work earlier than expected or whatnot, to open up very cheap, very quick sketch commissions, maybe even stream it if I eventually get the confidence! I’ve always been excited when a commission opened up that was in a price range I could get, when I didn’t have a lot to spend, so I figure why not try to pass that on now and then?

Anyway, if you’ve already messaged me about commissions, at least in e-mail, I should have responded to you by now and confirmed I got you in the wait list. I’ll have everyone put in order tomorrow after I get home from work.

Thanks again to everyone who commissioned, reblogged, and just generally was supportive. It’s really exciting to see people are interested in actually paying me for drawings— To be honest, I didn’t expect hardly anyone would be!!

Thanks to everyone, my commissions for the day are completely booked!! But if you’re interested in getting some, I will continue to offer them at this price for a little while longer, so leave me a message, and I’ll add you to the queue! The best way to contact me, since Tumblr’s messaging can get pretty wonky, is by email at EPASketch@gmail.com. I go back to my work-week tomorrow, but I’ll try to churn a couple or so out a day!!

Thanks to everyone, you’re helping me pay for groceries, rent, everything! Sometimes having a job just isn’t enough, you know?? And I’m finally getting myself out there, even if it’s spooky, and trying my hand at taking commissions, FINALLY!!



btw here are some doofuses


Here they are, the size difference OTP that ruins me constantly and leaves me withered and blushing. BTW MY FRIEND HERE IS TAKING COMMISSIONS FOR GOOD PRICES GOGO!!

AHHHHHHHH I JUST SAW THIS HSOAH LOOK HOW CUTE JEJEEZZZ sano you’re adorable and oh my god I love how you draw vice so much I saiodh RGHRRUH